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How to offend Indian sensibilities 101

Written By: amodini - May• 27•06

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There are now several ways to offend various sections of the Indian public. If you are female you have so many more options than the men – oh, lucky you ! Take your pick :

1. You could speak your mind on pre-marital sex, and offend political parties, and get sued, like Khushboo.

2. You could wear skimpy clothes and do stage shows, and get booked for indecency like Rakhi Sawant.

3. You could decide to wear fewer clothes in movies, a la Mallika Sherawat, thereby denigrating Indian culture and get effigies of self burnt by the BJYM.

4. You could have a wardrobe malfunction at a Fashion Week, and offend, in one fell swoop, the sensibilities of all Indian women, like Carol Grecias or Gauhar Khan.

5. You could indulge in partying at five-star hotel in Chennai and get pulled up for “immoral goings-on“ and indecency.

6. You could wear a sleeveless top and jeans (gasp!) to Anna University and draw flak from the Vice-Chancellor.

Now if you’re a man, your options are rather limited, but you could :

1. Attempt #5 above
2. Emulate Aamir Khan and demand rehabilitation for the Narmada dam displaced and offend the entire Gujarati population.

Never fear that the the government will come to your rescue, or will assist in anyway in helping you assert your right to free speech or the right to not be morally policed. It’s all a matter of votes or money, and really dear, no one wants to rock that boat. The most that anyone can do is issue a namby-pamby statement (like the Honorable Prime Minister) weakly deploring the restrictions on free speech.

So here’s to a good time ! Feel free to offend sensibilities and be persecuted.

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  1. laks says:

    Heh! I invited an Indian gal to a booze party(in Los Angeles). We were good friends and she trusted me so she came with me, without letting her brothers know (her mistake). Soon her bros came to know from another of her friends that she is high and also that she is out drinking with me and another two guys.

    A big scene followed. Now i decided that i would respect Indian sensibilities by showing my two middle fingers. But lets be a bit more descent: let us say never invite a desi(indian) gal to get drunk. They are so not worth it 😉

  2. redrajesh says:

    For guys to get into trouble, they dont even have to do anything. If they talk to a woman(the whores of today who claim to be women) it is enough for him to be in trouble, espescially if the whore happens to be like rakhi sawant who is very happy to file a bullshit case with no reason at all.

    • Amodini says:

      Calling women such names tells us more about you than them. And if they are what you say they are, shouldn’t be too hard to keep away from them, no?

  3. Nice!! All the sensibilities put down neatly in one page…I wish my thoughts on the subject were as concise.

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