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Desi Pundit going down in 5 .. 4 .. 3 . .

Written By: amodini - Oct• 19•06

Desi Pundit is going off the Web. Oh crap ! Just when I’m starting to get hits through them 🙂 . Ah well (philosophizing) All good things come to an end. DP is my daily read. My link to posts I would never have heard of before. There is such a dearth of sensible and remotely grammatical matter on the Net. DP helped such matters greatly.

Not any more though.

I can see what they mean when the DPers write about the lack of time, as a reason for shutting down shop. DP must take effort to sustain. Everyday. I will on my part, start a weekly round-up of 5 good posts, 5 posts worth a dekho, and link to them on Fridays. I’ll call it “Blogs for Fridays” or other such fanciful names, and all the blogs I link to will appear in Molten Gold letters . . .

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  1. Patrix says:


    That’s a great thought. More such initiatives from bloggers will go a long way. I wish I could find a way to keep DesiPundit going.

  2. AMODINI says:

    I’ll miss DP, and wish you could keep it going too. As I said on Ash’s blog, if you’re short on time, you must delegate to other volunteers or call for new ones. There is always the risk of tainting one’s original creative vision, ofcourse.
    Still one does what one must, and I’m sure you’ve tried your best to keep DP afloat.

  3. Ash says:

    Hi Amodini, the we all did a rethink, and Saket is taking over as admin to keep DP alive. You can read more at the site.

    Cheers !

  4. AMODINI says:

    Glad to hear it – Happy Diwali to you too !

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