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MTV (for Desis) is back

MTV Desi is back in Amrikan land. Only it’s not called MTV Desi anymore – it’s plain old MTV and me thinks being beamed straight from India. Which is fantastic because the songs are chronologically right and not from 1700 B.J. (Before Jeetendra) times. And there are plenty of them – Chitrahar forever ! The […]

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Remembering 9/11 and other dates

September 11th is marked on my kid’s school planner with a ribbon. A little printed red and blue ribbon near the date. And looking at it this past Tuesday I realize that it is that day, once again. We remember, and the world remembers with us. Memorial services are held, one of which I see […]

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Poetry mid-week

It’s been a while since I blogged here. Now that I look at the date, more than a month. Ah, well ! You think you’ll write and you don’t. I see a nice post developing developing in my head, and somehow, never get down to putting it down in firm words. It just sort of […]

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