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MTV Roadies – The Show

Written By: amodini - Feb• 07•08

I don’t watch many reality shows. However one that really has me hooked is “MTV Roadies”. I’ve heard that it was originally inspired from a US show of similar genre, but definitely adapts (and makes excellent TV viewing) to the desi climate. It’s in it’s fifth season, and comprises of 13 youngsters (18-22 from the looks of it), 6 of whom are girls. All the roadies are equipped with Hero Honda bikes, and traverse India (and internationally this season) on them, in a space of 40 days. In this time, they are subjected to various challenges to gain “immunity” and prevent “vote-outs”. The one who survives till the end, wins.

The show itself is interesting, but way more interesting are the auditions. The auditions are held in many cities – Jaipur, Delhi, Bombay etc. I haven’t seen them held in Chennai or Hyderabad, or Bangalore (anyone know why ?). Sieved through group discussions, the hopefuls are interviewed one-on-one by judges Raghu Ram (also the show’s producer) and Nikhil Chinappa. And it’s amazing to see the large numbers that turn up, from vernacular-speaking folks from Saharanpur (he got in) to wannabe-popstars from Bombay (like Ambili – kind of surprised she wasn’t selected, seemed like she’d have revved things up).

Aspirants turn up dressed to appear as “cool” as possible; I’ve yet to see a female in a salwar-kameez. However there are women in shorts, and guys in muscle tees, and the ubiquitous jeans. The American flag is on many chests (Indian flag not “cool” ?). The “normal” ones don’t make the cut, since as Nikhil puts it, they aren’t looking for fastest, fittest, or strongest, they’re looking for characters. So, off-the-wall people welcome. Also chauvinists. Also people who seem really messed up in the head (how come there aren’t more of those 🙂 ?). And attention-seekers. And folks who wannabe famous (lots of them from the look of it).

While I do envy Raghu and Nikhil (they seem to be having a grilling-good time), it does not surprise me at all, from my cushy, vantage point of 10+ years over most of the kids, how dumb most kids are at that age. I was too. I’m sure some of it still persists.

It’s probably the time to act “cool” and use the f-word (thinking it’s cool) and to appear to want to cheat, and lie, and want to one-up the other. That probably explains the answers the interviewees write in their Quiz sheet. The judges who are both in their 30s have it relatively easy. All they need is hind-sight (always 20-20). Recall “how dumb was I then ?”. These poor sods are probably just like me. Begin grilling. Admittedly though, Raghu has more than his fair share of virtual diplomas in pop-psychology.

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  1. ny says:

    The roadies show on 17th may showed the most ugly side of the show so far.It is funny the way these knunklheaded roadies were bitching/foulmouthing Nihal and Ashutosh for being in the top/winning when the voted out roadies themselves by their own actions have contributed in putting these two in the top place that they are in now. As because these voted out roadies were more bothered about plotting against themselves rather than actually judgeing rationally based on performance during the voteouts. It would be more entertaining if mtv comes up with a episode where the roadies are made to realize/regret how stupid they were being on national TV. this could involve doing a review of their actions through their time in teh show and the review could include a group of rational/intelligent audience who will make a excellent/interesting assessment of the personalities and the show/performance.

  2. r4i says:

    MTV online battle ground and then followed by Personal Interviews. 14 Roadies earned their way through several tasks set to them in Ride with Rannvijay.

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