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Sunday Salon : The Fifty-Fifty Challenge

Written By: amodini - Apr• 22•12

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday! Am checking in today to announce that I am joining (yet) another Challenge. Thanks to fellow blogger maxqnz on whose blog/twitterfeed I first heard about this challenge, am now signed up todo the 50/50 Challenge, i.e.; read 50 books and see 50 films in 2012. Yes, 50. Now 50 films – that’s easy-peasy; I probably see way more than 50 anyway. 50 books – now that’s the kicker. That will take some reading. I’m already signed upto read 20 books, but am essentially more than doubling that number now.

I will review the films that I see on my Movie Blog (Amodini’s Movie Reviews) and some special mini-review posts might be called for if I am to document all this. The books you shall hear about here on this blog, of course. I’ve read 12 books this year so far, so better get going on the remaining 38!

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  1. Jon says:

    Thanks for signing up with us!

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