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Best Audiobooks of 2014

Written By: amodini - Jan• 20•15

As I said earlier, this was the year of the audiobook for me. I got started in 2013, and really got going in 2014. I have to thank the local library for all this, because that’s where I get all my audiobooks for now. It is extremely convenient, and great for when you want to rest your eyes, or when on a long drive, or when you find yourself on a treadmill and must find some way of staying on.

Anyway, here are the Top 3 Audiobooks I listened to in 2014:


The Husband's Secret#1. The Husband’s Secret : This was my first book from Liane Moriarty and I’m a fan of hers now (I’m listening another of her books currently). The stories, and there are a couple, are about a bunch of vaguely connected people, who endure love, hurt, pain, anguish, relief, closure and betrayal. There is also suspense as Moriarty keeps us on tenterhooks for the big reveal. The book is a great balance of pacy writing and great, gorgeous description, so deftly inserted into the prose that I am not aware of listening to copious paragraphs, but only of the picture it creates.

This was un-put-down-able, and I listened to this book every moment I got.


#2. Gone Girl : This story of a young woman’s disappearance and subsequently, the strong noose of suspicion settling around her husband’s neck, is now a major motion picture starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike; some of you might have seen it already. I highly recommend this book on audio because of the fabulous narrators.


Gone GirlMajor Pettigrew's Last Stand: A Novel












#3. Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand : This nice tale of mature love between two older folks is a gentle, feel-good listen. Helen Simonson’s culture-spanning romance is wonderfully brought to life by Peter Altschuler – highly recommended.

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