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Poetry from Pink: Tu Chal

Written By: amodini - Oct• 07•16

Recently I reviewed the Hindi film Pink on Amodini’s Movie Reviews. It features a lovely poem, in Amitabh Bachchan’s voice, as the credits roll.

Here is the poem and it’s translation in English:

Tu khud ki khoj mein nikal             // Go out, search for yourself
Tu kis liye hataash hai                     // Why are you so disappointed?
Tu chal tere wajood ki                     // Progress, for even time
Samay ko bhi talaash hai                 // Waits for you to prove your mettle

Jo tujh se lipti bediya                      // If chains bind you
Samajh na inko wastra tu               // Don’t think of them as mere clothes
Yeh bediyaan pighaal ke                // Melt these chains and
Bana le in ko shastra tu                  // Make them into your weapons

Charitra jab pavitra hai                 // When your character is pure
To kyun hai yeh dasha teri           // Why are you in such a piteous condition?
Yeh papiyon ko haq nahi              // These sinners have no right
Ke lein pareeksha teri                   // To question you

Jala ke bhasm kar use                  // Burn and turn to ashes
Jo kroorta ka jaal hai                    // This web of cruelty
Tu aarati ki lau nahi                     // You are not the faint flicker of candle-light
Tu krodh ki mashaal hai              // But the raging fire of anger

Chunar uda ke dhwaj bana          // Hold your scarf up like a flag
Gagan bhi kapkapaaega               // And even the sky will tremble
Agar teri chunar giri                    // Should your scarf fall
To ek bhukamp aaega                  // It will cause an earthquake

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