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Book Review : Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Written By: amodini - Sep• 13•17

Title : Big Little Lies
Author : Liane Moriarty
Pages : 512
Genre : Contemporary
Publisher : Berkley
Rating : 4/5

Big Little Lies is about Jane, Madeline and Celeste and their lives. All three have children going to Pirriwee Public School, and that is how they meet and become friends. Each of them has problems and secrets. While shy Jane’s little boy Ziggy is accused of bullying, extrovert Madeline has ex-husband problems, and gorgeous Celeste needs to face up to some unpleasant truths. Also, when “established” moms Madeline and Celeste take newcomer Jane under their wing, they realize that her troublesome past has unwholesome ties to their little, well-bred community.

Like “The Husband’s Secret”, Big Little Lies is a page turner. It starts off with kindergarteners and their protective, cliquish mothers, hints at a murder at a school event, and then takes us through the days until the fatal event. The three moms are the main characters; their husbands, children, other school parents and the school staff make brief appearances.

Moriarty tells her stories from a female point-of-view. You could call them chick-lit but she goes deeper, having the knack to depict moving, poignant events skillfully; really chick-lit with substance. “Big Little Lies” felt a little lightweight when compared to “The Husband’s Secret”. Some situations felt just a little too pat, and worked through kinda conveniently. Still, this is a great read;I finished it quickly and in a single sitting.

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