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Audiobook Review : The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin

Written By: amodini - Nov• 08•17

Title : The Mountain Between Us
Author : Charles Martin
Narrators : George Newbern
Genre : Romance
Publisher : Random House Audio
Listening Length : 9 hours 58 minutes
Rating : 1/5
Narrator Rating : 5/5

Two strangers, Dr. Ed Payne and Ashley Knox, stranded at Salt Lake City airport amid bad weather decide to charter a flight to Denver. The pilot dies mid-flight and the plane crashes into snowy wilderness. Ashley suffers a broken leg, Ben has broken ribs, and the chances of rescue are almost zero.

This book was supposed to be a romance, and what a promising premise it had! Alas, it falls very short of the promise. Firstly, the good doctor is married, and Ashley was on her way to marry her boyfriend. Secondly, their characters are unbelievable, and poorly sketched. The doctor is not only a medical professional, who can oh-so-luckily set Ashley’s leg, but also an avid climber and survivalist!

I thought the writing was poor and stilted; too much telling and not enough showing. The ending is incredibly cheesy. I sped through the later chapters of this book, once I realized it couldn’t get any better. The end, when it came, was almost laughable.

I like George Newbern as a narrator (he has also narrated “A Man Called Ove”), and he did as well as the text allowed him to do.


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