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Book Review : The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Title : The Handmaid’s Tale Author : Margaret Atwood Genre : Dystopian sci-fi Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Rating : 4/5 Set in a not-so-distant future, The Handmaid’s Tale is a horrifying look-see into what could happen were the baser tenets of patriarchy to take over the world. In this new world, governments, as we […]

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Audiobook Showcase: Brandon Sanderson’s Firefight

I’m a little late to the party here, but did want to showcase the recent release of Brandon Sanderson’s audiobook. Here is a short clip from the audiobook, and below is the Goodreads blurb: From the #1 “New York Times” bestselling author of Words of Radiance coauthor of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, and […]

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Audiobooks that failed me (and other sad stories)

Yes, this is that kind of a tale, so you might grab a box of tissues before you sit down to read this. This blog post is a story – a story of how “mainstream reviewers” can fail you and of how the most raved about book might not be for you. Yup – boohoo […]

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Book Review : Archetype by M. D. Waters

Title : Archetype Author : M. D. Waters Genre : Sci-fi, Dystopian Publisher : Dutton Pages: 384 Publish Date : February 4th, 2014 Source : Netgalley / Publisher ARC Rating : 3.5/5 Emma Wade wakes up after an almost fatal accident in a top-notch medical facility, to the relief of her devoted husband Declan. Try […]

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Best Books of 2012

I read a bunch of books in 2012, but here are three of the best: – Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker : You’d think that sci-fi and coming-of-age genres wouldn’t mix very well, but they do. The book is based on a scientific phenomena – the shifting of the earth’s rotation – a […]

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Book Review : Dog Stars by Peter Heller

Title : Dog Stars Author : Peter Heller Genre : Dystopian Publisher : Knopf Pages : 336 Source : Netgalley/Publisher ARC Rating : 4.5/5 It’s a dystopian world out there. And there are few survivors, most of the world’s population and wildlife having succumbed to a fatal flu. Those that remain, remain only because they […]

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Book Review : The Age of Miracles

Title : The Age of Miracles Author : Karen Thompson Walker Genre : Dystopian/Sci-fi Publisher : Random House Pages : 289 Source : Netgalley/Publisher ARC Rating : 4.5/5 Lately I’ve been reading books which I would normally have not read – you think the book is of a particular genre but it turns out to […]

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Book Review : Pure

Title : Pure Author : Julianna Baggott Genre : Dystopian/Horror Pages : 448 Publisher : Grand Central Publishing Source : NetGalley Publisher ARC Rating : 4/5 Pure is not your ordinary dystopian novel, it treads into the horror category. It is a story of a bleak future, one where the Detonations have maimed and deformed […]

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Book Review: Children of Paranoia

Title : Children of Paranoia Author : Trevor Shane Publisher : Dutton Genre : Dystopian Thriller Release Date : September 8, 2011 Source : Publisher ARC Pages : 371 Rating : 4.5/5 There is a war on and Joseph is in the thick of it. It’s Us vs. Them with the Rules of War clearly […]

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