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Memoirs of a geisha

First off, I’d like to say that this is a well made film, with good actors and a strong storyline – definitely worth a watch. ** SPOILERS AHEAD ** However, it was a let-down to me, I guess because I’ve read the book and expected so much more from the movie (Oscar nominations and all). […]

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Best Sci-fi movies

I’m trying to think of really good sci-fi films, but can (surprisingly) come up with only a handful, the best being “The Matrix” . Then there are the “Alien” and the “Terminator” films ofcourse. There’s Asimov’s “I, Robot” which turned into a fairly interesting film. And H.G.Wells “The war of the world’s” was OK. “Sphere” […]

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North Country

“North Country” is very “Erin Brokovich” like. Lone woman, with kids needs to feed her family. But will not back down in the face of hardship. Nice. And effective. It is ofcoure great that both these charcters of strong women are based on real life characters. Charlize Theron is Josie Aimes, who leaves her abusive […]

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Spielberg’s Munich

Munich released recently is directed by Spielberg. It is engrossing, the kind of film about which you would say “It moved at the pace it should have”. Munich tells the story of Israels’s action against the 11 people who planned to kill/killed it’s Olympic athletes (1972). The job of asssinating the 11 Palestinians is given […]

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The Kite Runner

This is the first novel by Khaled Hosseini, and I’d describe it as stunning. And I actually mean stunning – I’m not saying it for effect. Once in a while you read a novel where the prose is so clear, that each word has impact, and you can see the events unfolding before your eyes. […]

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Recent English Films II

Recently seen English films : – Crash– Longest Yard– Sahara– Monster-in-law– Guess who– Coach carter “Crash” has many characters as protagonists connected together by events, and is a story of each of their lives, and how they are influenced by their race, language, baggage, perception and prejudice. We see obvious perverts, and then we see […]

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Of kung-fu and film

Recently saw 2 chinese martial arts films : “Kung-fu hustle” and “House of Flying daggers”. The first is more recent (as in release date), and is not dubbed; i.e.; you must read the sub-titles. The second, which is a much acclaimed film, has been dubbed in English. I enjoyed both films, although they have vastly […]

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‘Recent’ English films

“Million dollar baby” was good. Since you already knew that, here are some other recent (which means that I saw them recently) English films that turned out to be interesting : – Assault on Precint 13– Man on fire– In good company– National treasure– Terminal– Hotel Rwanda– I, Robot– Under the Tuscan Sun– The Interpreter […]

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Two paths diverging in the woods

Ah, the eternal question ! What to watch, you know, filmwise ? I know which movies are on DVD, but I don’t know whether I’ll like them, hence end up seeing some real stinkers. I mean, the premise looks good, but whaddya know, the movie isn’t. So on my random movie-pick up sojourns, I recently […]

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