Movie Preview : Tumhari Sulu (releases 1st December, 2017)

Vidya Balan is Sulu or Sulochana, a jolly looking, middle class housewife, whose life changes when she becomes a radio jockey in Mumbai.

In the trailer, we see Sulu doing husky voiceovers and bursting into paroxysms of mirth. So, Sulu is having fun, but will we? Remains to be seen. For all her acting chops, Vidya’s films haven’t done that well, low in the entertainment factor etc. Here’s hoping “Tumhari Sulu” will right those wrongs.

P.S. : While reading the Wikipedia page on this film I came across this sentence:

The team started the shoot by performing a ‘puja’ which was attended and blessed by the mothers of the producers and director on 21 April 2017.

Desi people, I see you nodding.

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