I keep seeing these questions pop up, so here are some answers:

Q1. Why is my comment not published? Do you even read your comments?
A1. I read and moderate all comments, and try to publish them. You are free to disagree with me, but please remember to be polite in your comment. Your comment may not have been published because it was rude, generally unhelpful, or contained a (spammy) link.

Q2. Why do you not review older films?
A2. I occasionally will review an older film, like this one, but generally focus this blog on newer movies.

Q3. Where is the review of recent movie XYZ?
A3. I do not watch or review all movies, only those that interest me.

Q4. Do you rate movies for kid-safeness?
A4. Yes, each movie is tagged by a kid-safe rating. See my Parental Rating Guide for details.

Q5. You recommended movie XYZ on Netflix. I don’t see it on Netflix though.
A5. Netflix movies cycle through, so it might be unavailable right now, although it was available when I wrote the post. Also, this is for US Netflix only; I can’t say what is available on Netflix in other countries.

Q6. My favorite movie is not on your list. Why?
A6. This is my blog and reviews and recommendations here reflect my personal taste. Our tastes don’t have to coincide and that’s quite all right by me. Your favorite movie is probably not my favorite movie which is why it didn’t make the list.

Q7. Movie XYZ made a 100 crores at the box-office. Do you not see its greatness?
A7. Just because the film was a commercial success doesn’t mean it was a good film, IMO. In my review, I will tell you why I didn’t like it. If you enjoyed it, am happy for you.

Q8. No Raanjhnaa in your Top 10? Why is “My Name is Khan” missing?
A8. Simple answer: because I didn’t like them as much – this is my blog and my point of view. Please look at the detailed review to see why.

Q9. No movies of “Sallu bhai”/other actor in Top 10?
A9. While I have liked some Salman Khan movies (Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Khamoshi), I haven’t see recent ones which would make it to my Top 10 (again personal preference). Also please see above.

Q10. Can I write for your website?
A10. Thanks for your interest, but this site does not currently accept submissions from other writers.

Q11. My client would like to advertise on your site. Will you do paid posts?
A11. This site does not do Sponsored/Paid posts.

Q12. I’ve made a film. Can you review it?
A12. Please contact me by email with details.

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