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 photo she_reads_like_zps5cd39214.jpgAbout this Blog :

This blog was started in 2005, and was originally located on Blogger. If you are being redirected here from Blogger, don’t panic. This is the same old Review Room at a newer web address – FridayNirvana.

About Me :

I am a free-lance writer. I review select books for BookBrowse Magazine, and my book reviews are featured on BookRack. I have written for Rediff, “Planet Bollywood”, Deccan Herald, Desipundit and Desicritics. I am an Editor at ReviewGang, My writing has been featured on Ultra Violet , Womens Web and The MacMillan Dictionary Blog.

I accept books for review, and here is my Review Policy.

You can contact me at : amodini_2004 [at] yahoo [dot] com
You can contact me on twitter via my twitter handle @amodini .
You can find me on Goodreads, here.
You can find my reviews on Amazon, here.

Some of my writing, as it appears on the WWW :

On BookBrowse :

Book Review : The People In The Trees

On Deccan Herald :

Perfectly concealed evil
Love in the fast lane
Flopped horror show
Lines of laughter

On Rediff :

KANK : A sob story like no other
Don : Worth a dekho

On Planet Bollywood :

Movie Review : Ishqiya
Movie Review : 3 Idiots
Movie Review : Delhi-6
Movie Review : Rocket Singh – Salesman of the year
Movie Review : Kaminey
Movie Review : Taare zameen par

On Desicritics :

List of articles by Amodini Sharma


  1. Dhiraj Kumar says:

    I have written a book on social networking. Can you write a review on this.


  2. Follow TheInk says:


    We are in the process of building a site for book reviews and hope to build a community of book lovers like yourself.

    All contributors will have a public profile and we will link back to any blogs, website etc. of their choice.

    Please do check it out here.


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