Hinglish films


Hinglish films : This is a slightly ambigous “genre” so to speak, and encompasses a broad range of films like English films made in India, which are a hodge-podge of English and Hindi. Then there are the diaspora films, which although primarily made in English, deal with “desi” culture and genreally have a smattering of Indian languages in them. Here is a list of the top 10 Hinglish films :

1. Bend it like Beckham
2. Monsoon Wedding
3. Bride and Prejudice
4. Being Cyrus
5. Bollywood Hollywood
6. East is east
7. Missippi Masala
8. Hyderabad Blues
9. Everybody says I’m fine
10. Bombay Boys

Others which didn’t make it to the top 10 :

– Split wide open
– Mitr, my friend
– Chutney popcorn
– Bhaji on the beach
– A nice arrangement

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9 Responses to Hinglish films

  1. How come there is no American desi on your list of good english films? Surely it derves to be in the top 10….

  2. Daddy's Girl says:

    Nice list… I don’t like ‘Bend it like Beckham’, but I like many of the others… You’ve got a lovely site here.

  3. AMODINI says:

    I thought “American Desi” a badly made film, although the story was OK – so it doesn’t make the Top 10 here.

    Daddy’s girl,

  4. Dont you think you should rate comedy movies,like jane bhi do yaaron,Chasme baddor,Hera pheri etc

  5. dinrat says:

    have u seen flavors? i liked it a lot and would rate it as #1 hinglish movie… watch it for sure if u havent still…

  6. Mareen says:

    ABCD is in the top 3 in my list of Hinglish movies. Very nicely directed and acted, with a good (albeit dark) storyline

  7. Does Bend it like Beckham really class as a Hinglish film?

  8. iselldreams says:

    i would love to see “Before the Rains” in your list. It is an awesome movie…

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