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Better late than never, say I. So, a little late, but here nevertheless are the Top 10 Films of 2008. The year began strong with films like Mithya and Jodhaa Akbar. There were very few blockbusters that did well. This was the year of the “cheapie” – a film with B grade stars, made probably on a small budget. “Hello” was one of these, and so was “Welcome to Sajjanpur”. As always stupidity ruled, and made films like “Singh is Kinng” big hits.

Anyway, enough said; here are my picks :

10. Ramchand Pakistani : This is a not-so upbeat film about a father-son pair caught in a border jail after inadvertently crossing the India-Pakistan border. A wonderful cast and good direction make this a very special film.

9. Rab ne bana di jodi : Ahh, Shahrukh as one of us ! SRK plays an ordinary young man, married to the woman of his dreams. The catch ? She doesn’t love him, and says she never will.

8. Superstar : Kunal Khemu, re-incarnated. In a double role no less. The story of two men who look alike but born to different circumstances, Superstar is a breezy watch.

7. Ghajini : Amir’s lone film of the year, Ghajini is a remake of the South-Indian film of the same name, and even stars the same heroine, Hindi film debutante, Asin. Fairly violent, Ghajini was a superhit in late 2008. It brings back memories of 80s-based, Shiva-esque dramas, and is a decent watch.

6. A Wednesday : A taut, gripping drama, Wedneday doesn’t have many big actors, save Naseeruddin Shah, but manages to leave an impact.

5. Sorry Bhai : Another film by director Onir, this one is quite enchanting. A tale of two brother and the one woman they both love, this film has got it all – emotion, humor and drama.

4. Jaane tu ya jaane na : The romance of the year stars newcomer Imran Khan and Geneliw D’Souza and is a peppy, fun, young film.

3. Jodhaa Akbar : This humongous history lesson stars hunky Hrithik and luminous Aishwarya as the historical couple Akbar and his Rajputian wife Jodhaa. The handsome couple also do well acting wise, and director Ashutosh Gowarikar delivers another enjoyable film.

2. Welcome to Sajjanpur : The feel good film of the year, this movie is set in rural India. Shreyas Talpade heads an impeccable cast, and master director Shyam Benegal brings to you another well-told, engrossing tale.

1. Mithya : A well-made drama about an ordinary young man thrust into the underworld as kingpin, this one is a must-see.

Honorable mentions go out to the following films :

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye
Bachna ae haseeno
Rock On

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5 Responses to Best films of 2008

  1. Are you serious, you have Welcome to Sajjanpur #2 and Mithya #1? Looks like you need to rewatch all the movies of 2008, or you haven’t watched enough.

    A Wednesday CLEARLY belongs as number one, and the fact that Rock On is just an honorable mention is a shame.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Agree with Mithya. But I find Aamir sorely missing from this list. And so is Dasvidaniya. Well, it’s your personal choice.


  3. Emily says:

    Welcome to Sajjanpur was “the feel good movie of the year”? Guess I missed something, then; I found it depressing.

  4. AMODINI says:

    Carping Critic,
    Ah ! We differ. So be it.

    Thanks for the comment. And I haven’t yet watched Dasvidaniya but will do. Soon.

    Really ? It did have depressing stuff happening in it, but it all sort of “lifted” in the end. Depends upon one’s perception though.

  5. DJ says:

    Woah, rock on is supposed to be in top 5

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