What to Watch on Netflix : Edition #7

The Hidden Face (La Cara Oculta - English Subtitled)– The Hidden Face (Spanish with subtitles) : An atmospheric mystery about a music conductor and his missing fiancee. Engrossing and intriguing this unpredictable thriller is a must-watch.

– Heartbreaker (French with subtitles) : This film has a storyline very similar to Bollywood romantic comedies. Our  floppy looking hero is a facilitator of sorts although his methods are a tad unconventional. Vanessa Paradis (remember her from her chart-topper single “Be My Baby”?) plays the rich heiress our hero must woo to complete his assignment. An entertaining light-hearted watch, this one!

– The Whistleblower : Rachel Weisz stars as Kathy, a police officer who takes up a UN peace-keeper job and is sent into Bosnia, where she tries to expose the rampant corruption and human trafficking, and attempts to breakup the evil nexus between fellow officers, foreign contractors and local mafia. The film is based on real life events.

Under the Greenwood Tree– Lakshya (Hindi, unsubtitled) : This 2004 Hrithik Roshan, Amitabh Bachhan starrer has our lazy, aimless, rich kid hero Karan Shergill meandering about trying to find his calling in life. Preity Zinta plays his smart, articulate girl-friend who can’t countenance Karan’s easy-going, chalta-hai attitude.

– Under the Greenwood Tree : A romance to please lovers of historical dramas (Downton Abbey etc.) this BBC production stars Keeley Hawes as the new-in-town school mistress. She has three suitors, but finds herself in love with the most unsuitable of them.

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