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XKCD: So bad it's good

Movies are rated out of a total score of 5, the highest being 5, and the lowest being a negative number (like -13, oh yeah, and I’ve seen some of those !).

5 points : The film is fantastic, excellent, great, fabulous. Definitely see (in a theatre preferably).

4 points : The film is good. Worth your time and money .

3 points : The film is average. Maybe see once. Wait for DVD release.

2 points : Poor. Definitely wait for DVD release, if you want to see this one.

1 point : Bad. Do not see. There are better things to do.

Negative number : Worse than I imagined.

Note that I do not review all films, since I do not see all of them. Also, I do not use great formulas of science to review films, and do not profess to be a cinema critic or an expert. I review films because I like watching them. And if you’ve read my previous posts and like my choice of films, you’ll find this blog pretty useful.

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  2. Psi says:

    Family Rating sounds better than Kid Rating, don’t you think?

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