amodini_twitter_very_small Movies are fun. I like them. So I often look for reviews on the Web. You know reviews , simple intro-to-the-story type documents. And I find them. Oh, I find a lot of them , both for English and Hindi movies. Every Tom, Dick or Harry, or should I say, every Ram, Shyam and Gopal have their own website, offering reviews. These range from really good reviews, to totally mindless ones. But what none of them gives me, is a recommendation for a movie. Let me rephrase that, what none of them gives me are recommendations to movies I like. Yeah, once in a while I’ll come upon a reviewer who’ll be right in sync. So then I watch out for him/her, and the next time they’ll be way off. You see what I mean ?

So I decided to compile my favorite movies and their reviews here in my blog, in the hope that this blog will serve as an organized movie guide. I started with Hindi movies, but now review some English ones too. Movies are reviewed by their rating (here’s my rating guide), year and genre. I also provide a “kidwise” rating, for parents. I believe that there is good Hindi cinema, but there is also a lot that can be avoided, and I attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff. My ratings are based on my perception of the movie, and my top-rated films may not be box-office toppers. However if you are looking for “sensible” Hindi films, you might find this blog useful. So feel free to look around, and offer me your feedback. It must be polite, even if contrary to my own, to be published.

Here are a few of my recommendations. I hope you enjoy them.

This site is a ** SPOILER-FREE ZONE ** . Which means that I will give you a review without spilling the beans. My reviews will pique your curiousity, but they will never reveal important details (like who the real killer is).

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  1. Becky Wilson says:


    I’d like to send you a press kit for my forthcoming feature film The Fitzroy.

    Please can you tell me what email address I should send it to.

    Many thanks


  2. kartik says:

    Dude your reviews are awesome, very well written. Keep it up!

  3. http://www.fridaynirvana.com/film/browse-by-publish-date

    on this link every movie is rated a 0 out of 5 & Poor. Rather harsh, eh? 😉

    Otherwise, fantastic job!


  4. Michelle says:

    Awesome blog! I am Canadian but I enjoy watching Hindi movies. I have been working my way through all the Sharukh Khan movies on Netflix. Now I know what other Bollywood movies to look for on Netflix and purchase at the local Indian movie store.
    Thanks for the detailed reviews!

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